Ten-Koh have some subsystems as below to reach all missions.

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structure system

To reduce the cost for development, our structure system follows Shinen2 system.

Thermal control system

To endure the serious thermal environment of space, Ten-Koh is analyzed with “Thermal Desktop” and “Shinda”, which are thermal control analysis software.

Power system

The main power system is composed by solar cell and Lithium ion battery.

OBC (On board computer)

This is the brain of Ten-Koh. This system are going to order to each subsystem using PIC.

Telecommunication system

We are going to use only UHF to up-link and down-link.

Magnetic field detector

We are going to measure the distribution of magnetic field of LEO with Magnetometer.

Ultra capacitor

We are going to verify the energy capacitor and life cycle of ultra capacitor

Measurement of electron density

Two Langmuir probe will detect the electron density of LEO and cal calculate the distribution.

The high energy charged particle detector

We are going to measure the charged particle of LEO with a sensor.

GNSS receiver

To know the location of Ten-Koh, we will use the GNSS receiver.

Advanced material test

We are going to conduct the exposure test for five CFRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastic)

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