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>4th FD (promotion of external fund acquisition)

  -Time:   2009.2.27

  -Theme:   Case introduction of external fund acquisition

  -Influencing in the research using an external fund, and the education and a local contribution.

>Delivery lecture

  -Time   :2008.10.15

  -Theme: The earth seen from the Space (Global environmental destructionwhich he follows quickly)

  -School   : Okayama-ken Okayama municipal Seto junior high school.

>Group FD of electronic control Engineering Department concerning a lesson improvement.

  -Time   :2008.08

  -Theme: Carry out the various proposals for maintaining the motivation to analysis of a student questionnaire, and a student’s study.

>1st FD (new trial of an international exchange activity)

  -Time   : 2007.04

  -Theme: A rocket launch experiment in the U.S. which carries out for engineer training which was conscious of the world to accumulate.

>Employment guidance

  -Time   :2006.12

  -Theme: The thing for which its best should be done in school days with the talented people for whom a company asks, and the actual condition of an employment test.

>Engineering ethics lecture meeting

  -Time   :2006.07

  -Theme: An engineer’s responsibility and possibility. (JABEE system and consulting engineer system)

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