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> Koichi Yonemoto, Takeo Ebina, Keiichi Okuyama, Clay film carbon fiber reinforced plastics with high hydrogen gas barrier property, and its application, chemical engineering, Vol.54, No.8, 2009.

>Koichi Yonemoto, Takeo Ebina, Keiichi Okuyama, Application to the clay film compounding CFRP which has high hydrogen gas-barrier-property ability, and a high pressure gas tank, Polyfaile, Vol.46, No.543, 2009.

>Takeo Ebina, Koichi Yonemoto, Keiichi Okuyama, Carbon fiber reinforced plastics / clay film composite material, the application to a hydrogen tank and industrial material (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun), Vol57, No.5, 2009.

>Keiichi Okuyama, Koichi Yonemoto, Takeo Ebina, the hydrogen gas barrier characteristic of the carbon fiber reinforced plastics strengthened with the argillite sheet, a plastic, Vol59, No.10, 2008.


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